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Address: No. 189 Daowushan West Road, Liuyang City, Hunan Province, China (located inside the three exhibition halls)

Transportation: Take bus 10, 27, 28 (get off at Xiajiatian Station) or bus 11 (get off at Chenghuang Temple Station)

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Collection Appreciation
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Main Museum Exhibition
Liuyang Ancient History and Culture Exhibition
It is divided into four units: "Pre-Qin Dynasty: Living by the Jiuqu River", "Han and Tang Dynasties: Laying the Foundation and Establishing Careers in the Prosperous Era", "Song, Yuan and Ming Dynasties: Diligent Work and Advocacy of Literature, Known as a Confucian Town", and "Qing Dynasty to the Republic of China: Achieving Liuyang Classics". It takes displaying Liuyang's profound historical heritage and sorting out Liuyang's cultural context of respecting literature and education as the main line, comprehensively displaying Liuyang's natural geography, historical culture, regional customs, and intangible cultural heritage; displaying the historical and cultural development process of Liuyang from an anthropological perspective, attaching importance to local education, and highlighting the cultural characteristics and humanistic spirit that have been condensed in Liuyang for thousands of years.
Exhibition of Outstanding Figures in Modern History of Liuyang
Divided into two sections: "Glorious History" and "100 Outstanding People from Liuyang Who Made Outstanding Contributions to the Liberation and Revitalization of the Chinese Nation". Ten important events such as the establishment of the School of Mathematics and the Ping-Liu uprising were selected to showcase the outstanding contributions of Liuyang people in the modern revolutionary history. The focus is on introducing the Liuyang heroes who emerged during the turbulent century, showcasing and praising the Liuyang people who made outstanding contributions to the national independence and revitalization in modern times, reflecting the social responsibilities of Liuyang people who take the world as their own and inherit and carry forward the Liuyang spirits of self-improvement and pioneering.
Spark Ignites the Revolution · Brilliant Starting Point – Hunan-Jiangxi Border Revolutionary Relics Exhibition
Taking the formation of the Red Road from Liuyang to Jinggangshan as the main thread, it is divided into four units: the establishment of the Party as the forerunner, the establishment of the army as the pioneer, the establishment of politics as the precedent, and the pioneering of the opening way. It focuses on showcasing the great revolutionary path of the Chinese Communist Party, centered on Comrade Mao Zedong, from the establishment of the Party, the failure of the Great Revolution, and the starting point of the July 7th Meeting in 1927 to the establishment of the Chinese Soviet Republic in November 1931. The main emphasis is on the exhibition of precious revolutionary relics from the Red Culture Tourism Community of 24 member counties (cities, districts) in the Hunan and Jiangxi border region.
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